Google Maps Photos – 1,000,000+ Views and Counting!

My Google Maps photos have been viewed more than a million times since I uploaded the first of them several weeks ago, a whopping number! It looks like the views counter stopped today – no views are shown after I have passed this mark :)

It was a good idea to take this screenshot yesterday, just moments before the counter went off (999,733 total views):

Views on Google Maps photos

445 photos seems a bit insane to me now but it wasn’t hard at all and I enjoyed the process! It took me more than two months to add places that I really wanted to see on the map (like this mill in Spain which for some reason nobody put on the map since 2005 when the Google Maps launched). I slowed down a bit but will continue adding pictures and places at an easier pace from now.

What are my most viewed Google Maps photos? Here’s the top 10:

1. Pharmacie Monge, Paris, France – 84,863 views

Pharmacie Monge, Paris, France

2. Cosmoprof Beauty Show, Bologna, Italy – 58,553 views

Cosmoprof Beauty Show, Bologna, Italy

3. Anvers Metro Station, Paris, France – 51,205 views

Anvers Metro Station, Paris, France

4. Place de la République, Paris, France – 43,922 views

The monument at Place de la République, Paris, France

5. Place de la République (one more from the same square), Paris, France39,872 views

Photoshoot at Place de la République

6. Montmartre, Paris, France – 38,603 views

Sunset in Montmartre, Paris, France

7. Cines IMF, Torrevieja, Spain – 37,068 views

Cines IMF, Torrevieja, Spain

8. Falguière Metro Station, Paris, France – 31,578 views

Falguière Metro Station, Paris, France

9. Triplettes Bar, Paris, France – 25,322 views

Triplettes Bar, Paris, France

10. Washington Subway Station, Chicago, IL, US – 21,051 views

Performance area at Washington Subway Station, Chicago

You are probably using Google Maps but did you try to contribute? Did you know you can easily add places, pictures, post reviews and edit anything? Help people to get around in your area – it’s fun!

To the almighty Google: please bring back the counter – I want to see 10,000,000 :)