I had to say the final goodbye to this guy yesterday

Thomas was diagnosed with kidney disease just two weeks ago. Treatments that followed didn’t have any effect. I was told the disease was terminal and the cat would die soon which I couldn’t believe.

He was very active for an 11 years old cat and seemed to be enjoying his life. He took every chance to run out and fight with other cats, always taking hits in the face. One of the recent wounds was the reason to visit the vet in the first place.

Unfortunately things started to worsen quickly. Several days after the vet’s verdict the poor thing stopped eating and drinking, body temp dropped and he almost stopped communicating with the world. Finally I had to bring him to the clinic to end his sufferings.

Despite the fights outside he had a very gentle character and always enjoyed being stroked even by strangers. Never a groomer’s or a vet’s office was left without a compliment on his behavior – always calm and patently tolerating everything that was being done to him.

Thomas was the first pet I lost being an adult responsible for the pet’s life and death. He has been a close friend for years and I would be so happy to buy yet another chair for claws sharpening :) Thank you for these years of purring. You will be missed and remembered.