Paella in and Around Torrevieja

Paella is an iconic food. Literally – there’s a paella emoji now! A traditional Valencian rice dish that became popular in other regions of Spain and worldwide.

In this post – some pictures of this popular dish taken in and around Torrevieja, a city in the Valencian Community. The “paella valenciana”.

The original version – with chicken (no seafood):

Paella in a large pan.
Now served in a small plate. The same place

This dish is best eaten outside. What is cooked in the open air should be consumed in the open air too. White wine is a must.

Paella, wine, beer, alioli sauce and bread near San Pedro del Pinatar (NOT Cumunidad Valenciana but close)
Bird’s Eye View. Paella, bread with alioli sauce and white wine!

The dish is an integral part of many festivals and other public events. You need to come early to events like this one – they run out of the product fast and queues are long.

Paella made and sold during a local festival in Torrevieja

People are excited about a discount offered on paella. Chefs hard at work.

Seafood version is perceived as traditional (it is not) and, sure, it looks prettier in pictures. Everyone wants “paella de mariscos” like this one:

Seafood paella in a restaurant. La Mata, Torrevieja

When choosing a place to eat paella – make sure they cook it in house. You don’t want a frozen ready meal priced as the real thing.

Want to make it yourself? Here‘s a great article, scroll down for the recipe.