Hey visitor,

If you would like to use any of my photographs (published here or anywhere online) for your projects, blogs, websites, print them or use them in any other way – this information is for you.

  • Photographs published on this website.

    In my Terms Of Use I reserve all rights on the content I publish here. You can’t use it without my permission (including the use for editorial purposes).

  • Photographs published on other websites / mobile applications.

    When I publish a photograph on a website / mobile application (for example on Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), I grant them a license to use my content. This fact doesn’t mean that you can download them from there and use it on other websites, in print etc. You can only share it within the social media platform I uploaded them to.

If you want to use my photographs, would you please do the following:

  • Contact me here or on twitter and tell me how and where you would like to use a photograph
  • I will offer you the terms of use for a particular case
  • If you agree on the terms I offered, you will then be able to publish and use the photograph without risk of copyright infringement

In most cases you will be able to use a photograph for free. You will have to put the image credit text next to the picture (“Photo by Andrew Cherkashin”) and install an active do-follow link back to this website ( This is simple, fast and fair.