Torrevieja Flowers

Blue Flowers Torrevieja, Spain

Over time this site became a huge collection of “a-pic-with-a-caption” posts shared from Instagram (almost 300 of them!). No more, I’m reducing the number! In this post – flowers of Torrevieja and the area put together. You don’t have to walk long or search hard to see flowers here all year round. Here they are. … Read more

Torrevieja Sunsets

Sunsets and palm trees: there’s no better view than that! June, 29, 2014

Here are some pictures of sunsets in Torrevieja, Spain taken from 2014 to 2016. They were originally shared to this website from Instagram automatically, I admit it was not a good idea. Now I have have merged them into one post :) Much better! Check me out on Instagram, I usually share photos there before anywhere … Read more

Summer Pictures From Torrevieja, Spain

Summer in Torrevieja, Spain 1

August is the hottest and the busiest month of the summer in Torrevieja. Thousands of holidays-makers from Spain and across Europe flood the area to enjoy the sea and the sun. Whether you are a resident or a visitor – take some time to relax from the crowded streets, beaches and bars. I did just that a … Read more