Paella in and Around Torrevieja

Seafood paella in a restaurant. La Mata, Torrevieja

Paella is an iconic food. Literally – there’s a paella emoji now! A traditional Valencian rice dish that became popular in other regions of Spain and worldwide. In this post – some pictures of this popular dish taken in and around Torrevieja, a city in the Valencian Community. The “paella valenciana”. The original version – … Read more

Salina de La Mata, Torrevieja

Hiking trail near the Salina de La Mata

Salina de La Mata (often called “Laguna de La Mata”) is of the salt lakes Torrevieja (Spain) is famous for. Both lakes are protected national parks. The La Mata lake is smaller and has blue water (the other lake, Salina de Torrevieja, is pink). La Mata is a fantastic place for running, walking and cycling. … Read more

Torrevieja Sunsets

Sunsets and palm trees: there’s no better view than that! June, 29, 2014

Here are some pictures of sunsets in Torrevieja, Spain taken from 2014 to 2016. They were originally shared to this website from Instagram automatically, I admit it was not a good idea. Now I have have merged them into one post :) Much better! Check me out on Instagram, I usually share photos there before anywhere … Read more