A bunch of pictures from recent visit to Pato Pekin restaurant, Torrevieja, Spain


Pato Pekin (Peking Duck) is a Chinese restaurant in Torrevieja, Spain. I visited recently and wrote a review on Yelp, check it out here

Restaurante Pato Pekin Interior
Restaurante Pato Pekin - Torrevieja - Peking Duck
Peking duck
Peking duck close-up
Peking duck close-up
Chinese bread
“Chinese bread”
Restaurante Pato Pekin - Torrevieja - Spain
Sauce and green opinions
Restaurante Pato Pekin - Pancakes
Restaurante Pato Pekin - Torrevieja - España
Slices of the duck ready to eat

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    Pato Pekin doesn’t look like the typical Chinise restaurant… it’s so chich and well illuminated.
    Food looks delicious and refined as well, is it Chinese cuisine among your favourites?

    All the best,

    1. Hi Valentina, yes I love Chinese food in all its forms :) I was spoiled in China – visited several times. Food is one of the best things they have! Chinese food is different here, maybe they adapt to local tastes?

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