View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, on a sunny day

Hong Kong Photos

My best pic taken in Hong Kong. View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. I was very luck to visit on a sunny day. January, 10, 2015

Probably my best pic taken from #VictoriaPeak, #HongKong

This is what you see very often. Taken during another visit. It is often cloudy in Hong Kong most of the time! September, 28, 2014

View from Victoria Peak on a cloudy day

South view from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. What a difference from the famous North view with skyscrapers! January, 20, 2015.

South view from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong. September, 24, 2014.

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Buildings with reflective surfaces. September, 30, 2014

Buildings with reflective surfaces, Hong Kong

Double-decker tram. September, 27, 2014.

Double decker tram in Hong Kong

Construction site. SureĀ all built long time ago, whatever they were building. Taken around 2010 posted here on October, 2, 2014

Construction site in Hong Kong

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