9th stage of La Vuelta 2015 bicycle race in Torrevieja, Spain

9th stage of the legendary La Vuelta bike race (3357 km in three weeks around Spain). Seen today from Torre del Moro park, Torrevieja, Spain


La Vuelta 2015 Torrevieja

La Vuelta 2015 Torrevieja



  1. This reminds me of two years ago when the giro d’Italia passed close to the village I usually go on vacation and excavation. Same here, I enjoyed all the aerial views of the coastline and little woods near the sea on the tv :D
    Have a nice day!!!

  2. This is the “show” that lasts just for seconds live (unless it is the place where a stage starts or ends). It was start of the stage in the city and thousands of people gathered to see the event. I saw it some 3 km from the start, will add some photos here soon. Thanks for the comment Valentina, have a nice day too!

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