A Day at Villamartin Golf Club, Spain

A rare “full-scale” post – some texts and a bunch of photos. And guess what – this is a golf post, here we go!

I spent some time in Villamartin Golf Club a couple of days ago (on the driving range and the practice green to be precise). A long run with two guys was cancelled that day and I was very happy to throw same balls instead. Took several pictures and I think they are worth sharing!

I played full rounds several times here, this course is tricky and fun. It was opened in 1972 and it is kept in good condition. I will probably take pictures of all holes some day, but playing and taking pictures don’t get along together! Just the driving range, the putting green and 18th hole pictures today.

Look at the 18th fairway:

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18th hole view

Evenings are beautiful here, and it’s not too hot around 6 pm:

A landscape painter's paradise
A landscape painter’s paradise

These palm trees separate the driving range from the 18th hole fairway:

Sunset over the driving range, Villamartin Golf Club
Sunset over the driving range, Villamartin Golf Club

You can’t use drivers at the driving range here. I guess it’s possible to shoot people playing the 18th hole from here. A disadvantage…

Driving Range, Villamartin Golf Club, Spain
Driving Range, Villamartin Golf Club, Spain

I did this Vine several months ago, but it fits perfectly here. The balls dispenser will happily take coins, used to be tokens only. This is the best use of a €1 coin you can find in Spain:

Practice putting green. You don’t need fancy golf shoes to play, golfers rarely wear them here. I do :)

Practice Green, Villamartin Golf Club
Practice Green, Villamartin Golf Club

Nice blossom trees are everywhere all year round:

Trees around the practice green
Trees around the practice green

I’m damned happy :)

A selfie
A blurry selfie

If you are visiting the area – please get in touch via twitter: @andcherk, let’s go there together!


  1. This golf camp looks like a lovely place to visit even for non golf players… it seems so quiet and relaxing!
    I don’t easily imagine myself throwing balls… maybe hitting poor people with a golf club haha XD

  2. Valentina, you don’t need to be physically strong to hit a golf ball. But I found it quite difficult to learn to send it to the right direction :) They say non-players are not allowed to the course but this rule is not strict. Why hit poor people? :-)

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