Salina de La Mata, Torrevieja

Hiking trail near the Salina de La Mata

Salina de La Mata (often called “Laguna de La Mata”) is of the salt lakes Torrevieja (Spain) is famous for. Both lakes are protected national parks. The La Mata lake is smaller and has blue water (the other lake, Salina de Torrevieja, is pink). La Mata is a fantastic place for running, walking and cycling. … Read more

Hong Kong Photos

View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, on a sunny day

My best pic taken in Hong Kong. View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. I was very luck to visit on a sunny day. January, 10, 2015 This is what you see very often. Taken during another visit. It is often cloudy in Hong Kong most of the time! September, 28, 2014 South view from Victoria … Read more